In April of 2000 Drs. Timothy A. Scully and Mitchell G. Davis joined together and established Northeast Georgia Heart Center (NGHC); 3 months later Dr. Jay H. Joseph joined the practice. Drs. J. Jeffrey Marshall and Mark E. Leimbach were recruited from Atlanta to start the cardiac catheterization laboratory. Today NGHC has grown to an extraordinary group of 20 plus cardiovascular physicians serving the medical needs of Northeast Georgia. The vision was to meet the needs of patients who were facing serious cardiac issues right within their own community. Through their efforts a respected alliance was forged with the cardiothoracic surgeons and regional hospitals to provide the top rated cardiac care in the state of Georgia.

Since the inception of Northeast Georgia Heart Center these cardiovascular physicians have provided cardiac care and treatment to over 150,000 patients since 2000. NGHC has contributed to cardiology innovations through their participation in clinical research trials. Through the years they have brought cutting-edge treatments to our community.